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SFIG D.C. –  Annual Meeting & Conference Sponsorship Now Available

Sponsorship opportunities are available and moving fast for SFIG D.C. – Annual Meeting & Conference, which will be held in the heart of legislative and regulatory rule-making, Washington, D.C., on Sunday, September 30th – Tuesday, October 2ndCommit early for priority meeting and exhibit space. View Sponsorship Opportunities here. 

Additional questions? Please contact Brittany Hinca at brittany.hinca@sfindustry.org or Bahar Caulfield at bahar.caulfield@sfindustry.org.

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Reserve Your Place for SFIG Vegas 2018

We look forward to providing the securitization market with the industry's largest gathering at SFIG Vegas 2018, taking place February 25-28 at the Aria Resort & Casino. Still time to reserve your place! Our featured keynotes include:

  • Timothy Bowler
  • Michael R. Bright
  • Steven Levitt
  • Joseph M. Otting
  • Brian D. Quintenz
  • Dana Wade
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2018 SFIG Canada Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available

We are pleased to announce SFIG Canada 2018 will return to Toronto this Spring. Conveniently located in the main financial hub of Toronto, this gathering will once again bring together all the key stakeholders in the Canadian structured finance market. Click here to view SFIG Canada Sponsorship Opportunities

This event will serve as the premiere annual industry meeting for all key structured finance market constituents, including investors, issuers and originators, dealers and traders, rating agencies and law firms, as well as Canadian regulators and policy makers.

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SFIG Releases Comprehensive White Paper on Proposals for Regulatory Reform

We are pleased to announce the release of our new white paper, “Regulatory Reform: Securitization Industry Proposals to Support Growth in the Real Economy”. The white paper focuses on reforms directly affecting the securitization industry, and touches on other areas of regulatory reform that have an impact on SFIG members and the industry.

Read more information and download the white paper here.

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LIBOR Task Force Submits Response to FRB Proposal for New Reference Rates

On October 30, 2017, SFIG's LIBOR Task Force submitted comments to the Federal Reserve Board's (FRB) request for information related to three potentially new reference rates based on overnight repurchase agreement transactions secured by Treasuries.The most comprehensive of the rates, the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR), was selected by the Alternative Reference Rates Committee as its recommended alternative to U.S. dollar LIBOR.

To join the Task Force and/or the Steering Committee, please contact Michael.Williams@sfindustry.org.

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SFIG Sends Letter to Senate and House Conferees

On December 11, 2017, SFIG sent a letter to the Senate and House tax reform conferees to express our priorities and concerns specific to structured finance and securitization. SFIG believes that, as a result of the proposed changes to critical interest deductions, consumers may see a decrease in disposable income and potentially decline in home values. As a result, we are concerned that loan performance may suffer across the financial system, including credit card, auto, mortgage, and student lending, resulting ultimately in reduced availability of credit to consumers. Read more here.

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SFIG Testifies on Housing Finance Reform

On November 2, 2017, Dan Goodwin, Director of Mortgage Policy for SFIG, testified before the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance on the topic of housing finance reform. You can watch the hearing, entitled "Sustainable Housing Finance: Private Sector Perspectives on Housing Finance Reform, Part II", here.

SFIG's testimony focused on the need for a stable, liquid, and efficient mortgage market, speaking both to the role of the government guarantee and of private capital. Read more here.

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SFIG Analysis of Treasury Report

Following the release of the U.S. Treasury Department’s capital markets regulatory reform report on October 6, 2017, SFIG is pleased to provide our Position Matrix that is an in-depth analysis of the report's key proposals which could impact the structured finance and securitization markets.

For SFIG’s overview of the Treasury report, please see our Fact Sheet.

For any questions regarding this Fact Sheet, please contact Kristin Eagan at Kristin.Eagan@sfindustry.org.


SFIG’s membership continues to grow in numbers and diversity. There are approximately 350 institutions representing all segments of the securitization industry contributing to our membership-driven agenda.

We encourage you to apply for membership today.

Latest Advocacy

On April 20, SFIG released a comprehensive white paper, “Regulatory Reform: Securitization Industry Proposals to Support Growth in the Real Economy”, which focuses on reforms directly affecting the securitization industry and touches on other areas of regulatory reform.

Read more information here.

Annual Conference

We look forward to providing the securitization market with the industry's largest gathering at SFIG Vegas 2018, taking place February 25th-28th at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

View keynote speakers and full agenda here.

Reserve your place today!

About SFIG

SFIG was established with the core mission of supporting a robust and liquid securitization market, recognizing that securitization is an essential source of core funding for the real economy. Under this mission, we are dedicated to:

  1. Educating members, legislators, regulators, and other constituencies about structured finance, securitization and related capital markets,
  2. Building the Broadest Possible Consensus among members on policy, legal, regulatory and other matters affecting or potentially affecting the industry
  3. Advocating with respect to policy, legal, regulatory and other matters affecting or potentially affecting the industry, and
  4. Core Principles of Governance, Financial Transparency, Inclusion and respectful accommodation of divergent member views.

We provide a representative and transparent member-driven platform for industry education and advocacy. While we are based in Washington, DC, our members’ interests extend globally.

We boast approximately 350 institutional members (and growing), including investors, issuers, and all other participants in the structured finance industry. As a member-driven organization our advocacy is committee-based, with over 50 committees and taskforces actively engaged in representing broad industry viewpoints across all aspects of the regulatory and legislative agenda.

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